My name is Amy, I’ve just turned 34 sssshhhhh, I live with my boyfriend and my little boy and 8 months ago I started my own business. You only live once after all….

2 years ago, I had just given birth to my little boy Archie, 3 years ago I was living the London dream, working in advertising, sales and marketing for one of the biggest publishing houses in the UK.

I was due to go back to London in July 2017, and in June 2017 I took voluntary redundancy as I knew after having Archie London life wasn’t for me anymore, 15 years in London was enough and I had waited so long to have him, I just wanted to enjoy being  his mummy.  I’m not going to lie, taking redundancy was a scary and daunting decision however I looked at it as an opportunity, an opportunity to do something where I could work / study around Archie. I then spent 6 months researching, researching the beauty industry, the different markets, audiences, statistics, courses, what was out there already, what’s hot, what’s not, potential challenges, competitors, everything… no stone was left unturned.

With 89% of the population having a tattoo they disliked, followed by 80% of the population having hair in areas they shouldn’t, I then found a course. 3 hours away. It was a 5 week intense course offering Laser Hair Removal / Laser Tattoo Removal (as well as level 1, level 2, facial electrics and advance laser and light), I then researched the machinery which is a total mine field and let’s just say after lots of tears I finally found a multi functional machine that could treat both Laser Hair Removal / Laser Tattoo Removal (my machine will be my next blog… it deserves it) and I then found my clinic which is at Dreamz Hair and Beauty in Rainham, Kent.

Amongst all the travelling, studying, assignments, exams, more research, meetings, being a mummy, a girlfriend, a friend…… Before I knew it, I was about to open my clinic, as a laser specialist, in January 2018. I will be honest with you, from August 2017 to January 2018 it is a complete blur, however I made it.

Why did I chose this line of business, I am a peoples person, I love making people smile and feeling better about themselves, I can be flexible with my hours and most of all I can be Archie’s mummy whilst building a future for my family. Completely different to London life however I don’t miss it all. I love what I do and my clients are the heart of my business.

One of my favourite parts of running my business is offering free consultations, I really encourage this. I love educating people about what I do, I love answering questions and I love explaining the process, so many people are put off because of one reason or another however I love putting people at ease and getting to know my clients.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and how I have ended up doing what I’m doing.