I wanted to do a blog this month on the benefits of laser tattoo removal on eyebrows. My reason for doing this is purely due to the amount of “bad” brows I have come across over the last few months.

Most people don’t associate tattoo removal with cosmetic tattoos, but the demand for laser tattoo removal of cosmetic tattoos such as eyebrows is incredibly high and increasing daily.

Whether you have been a model and the price is discounted, or you have been a model and it’s free, you have got an amazing offer on Groupon, or you have gone to someone new, there are lots of reasons why you may not like the end result.

Are they too dark?
Outside the natural brow line?
Wrong shape?
Too close together?
Wrong colour for your skin tone?
Micoblading and its gone wrong?

If you are nodding, or answering yes to any of these, then laser tattoo removal is definitely for you.  Why? Because, I can either reduce the ink enough to have them corrected, or remove the ink completely. The main differences between cosmetic tattooing and traditional body tattoos are the techniques and types of ink used, cosmetic tattoos are much easier to lift because the ink wouldn’t be as deep into the skin.

Many people want to have correctional work on top of brows they already dislike, purely because they believe there is no other option. I work alongside many professional permanent make-up artists and it is recommended by them, that if you have laser on your brows beforehand you will get exactly what you want at the end and the brows you deserve.

Uncertainty is a natural part of the thinking process so let me answer some of the most common questions for you:

Will I lose my eyebrow hair? Any hair loss resulting from laser tattoo removal treatment is minimal. Your eyebrow hair may discolour slightly because the laser removes the pigment; it is perfectly natural and is not permanent.

Will people know I have had the treatment done? In short the answer is no, you may get some general redness initially, and some swelling, however if you use Aloe Vera gel on the area and sleep with your head slightly elevated it will reduce any signs of swelling and redness.

When will the tattoo disappear? In some cases four treatments are enough to remove the tattoo because the compounds used in cosmetic tattoos do not have the same staying power as regular tattoos. The time it takes the tattoo to fade completely depends on the type of pigment and how it interacts with your skin.

Will my eyes be protected? Absolutely! I require all of my clients to wear protective stainless steel eye shields if any work is being done on or near the face. Eye protection is absolutely critical and you should never consent to any laser removal near the face without it.

Will the ink change colour? When the iron used in ink compounds, commonly used for cosmetic tattoos is treated with a laser, it oxidizes, turning the tattoo to a rusty brownish colour after the first or second laser treatment. Subsequent treatments will eventually remove the tattoo and the rusty brownish hue completely.

Is the treatment successful? Most definitely, I have so many before and after photos available for you to look at, to prove how amazing and successful laser tattoo removal is for the brows. I also have the most amazing reviews from clients who have and are going through the process and most of all now have the brows they deserve thanks to laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal on your eyebrows is a simple, safe procedure and incredibly effective. I do offer free consultations, if you would like to come in to discuss laser tattoo removal on your brows, please send me a message, I would love to work with you to remove your current brows and get you the brows you deserve.

You don’t need to settle for “bad brows”, or “make do” brows when laser tattoo removal is an amazing option for you.

Thank you for reading, see you soon.

Amy xx

P.s the picture used for this blog is a young girl who had permanent makeup done, she was so unhappy with the end result (top picture) she come to me for 3 sessions of laser tattoo removal, and then went to a reputable, professional, permanent make up artist for her very deserved, amazing brows (bottom picture).