I pride myself in customer care, and with that in mind I offer FREE consultations…. Why? Because I think it is so important to meet me, meet my amazing machine, see the clinic, ask questions and most of all know what is involved in the process.

My consultations normally last about 20-30 minutes; within that time we talk about how the treatment works, typical number of treatments and intervals between each treatment, possible side effects, pre/post treatment care, likely clinical outcome and the sensation during treatment. You will often find that within the consultation I answer the questions you may have but this time is for you to ask anything – no question is silly!

I want you to feel comfortable, feel at ease and know that you are in safe hands.

During our consultation a full medical history will be obtained with particular attention to any contraindications (reasons as to why you can’t have the treatment which we will come onto shortly). I will determine your skin type and suitability for the treatment and also discuss your treatment goals. What are your goals / expectations for the treatment? That way, each time we meet we are working to your end goal.  Each client will also be given an aftercare leaflet to take away too.

The treatment results and the effectiveness of the treatment can vary with each individual, which means there is no guarantee of permanent results and this is also discussed within the consultation.

With regards to contraindications there are a few situations that exist within the laser world. To reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions I would avoid / proceed with extreme caution on the following:

  • Sun tan / use of sun beds or fake tan / any tanning products
  • Cancer – history or malignant melanoma
  • Pregnancy
  • Healing disorders such as diabetes, lupus, radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • History of Keloid Scarring
  • Skin pigment disorders such as melasma
  • Any history of treatment with Gold Salt injections
  • Recent use of Roaccutane, St John’s Wort, Minocyline, Amiodarone and other phot-sensitive medication.
  • Open wounds or skin lesions

I also look at skin type according to Fitzpatrick Skin Scale – The Fitzpatrick classification is the most commonly used skin classification system and is detailed below. When using the Fitzpatrick classification the emphasis will be on the “burn” response rather than the ability to tan.  How does your skin respond if you are in peak sunshine and you are wearing NO Sun tan lotion?

Type 1 – Always burn, never tans
Type 2 – usually burns, sometimes tans
Type 3 – sometimes burns, always tans
Type 4 – rarely burns, always tans
Type 5 – Very rarely burns, always tans
Type 6 – Never burns, always tans

Once eligibility has been established, I would then offer a patch test. Even if you have had treatments done elsewhere I would still want to do a patch test as every machine is different.  A patch test enables me to determine the most effective treatment parameter for your skin type and lesion type, without adverse reaction.  I would treat a small area in the desired treatment location; I will observe skin response and adjust treatment parameters accordingly. A patch test consists of a few shots only and will give you an indication of the sensation too. After the patch test we would then wait 1 week until you can have your first treatment.

Please note during patch testing you will need to wear some safety googles and if you are bringing a friend they would need to wear some googles too.

During the patch test and treatment a thin layer of cooling gel will be applied to the skin, (this may be cold so I apologise in advance) the gel aids the cooling of the skin as well as assisting the light into the skin. After the patch test and treatment I will also apply some aloe vera gel for its cooling and antibacterial effects.

The main question I get asked is Does it hurt? The treatment is mildly uncomfortable. Depending upon pain tolerance, the sensation is often likened to snapping the skin with an elastic band. I do however have a cooling device which we can use, before, during and after treatment.

As mentioned previously, an aftercare leaflet is given to every client, and it is so important to read the aftercare to ensure you are looking after your skin the best you can. After any treatment you must avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for four weeks following treatment and use sun block factor 50 on the treated area. Avoid hot baths, showers, steam rooms, saunas for 24 hours. Keep the area clean and dry, use aloe vera gel if your skin feels warm or swollen and if blistering or crusting occurs, do not pick or scratch the treated area.

Do you have any questions?

This blog was to give everyone more information about what to expect when it comes to a consultation, I encourage you to take advantage of my FREE consultations, it’s a great opportunity and I would love to meet you x