So what do we really think about newsletters?

My initial thought is arghhh I don’t want junk filling up my inbox, however if it’s a newsletter about something I enjoy I do actually open them and read them.

I currently enjoy reading the following newsletters:
Lynton Lasers – as they are keeping my up to date with the latest webinars.
Birchbox – as I am interested in the products I’m going to receive next month,
Little Cooks Co – telling me what recipe we are going to receive next (we love baking)
River Island – I love shopping and seeing what the latest trends are
TD Aesthetics – seeing all the latest news and skin care trends

I currently dislike seeing the following newsletters;
Isawitfirst – they send far too many
Wowcher – again, send far too many
Ryanair – cancelling all my flights and holidays 🙁

Thinking about my business going forward I would like to introduce newsletters, why? I believe they will provide great value and it will be a fantastic way to inform you of our latest news.  Don’t worry, they won’t be weekly or monthly, I’m thinking quarterly and you can unsubscribe if you wish.

In order to send out email newsletters, I will need your consent, you will see on the consultation form there is a section about SMS / Email marketing; if this is ticked you will receive text reminders about your appointment and our quarterly newsletters.

So, today I sent out my first email using mail chimp and yes I lost a few hairs along the way. Did you receive one? If not, here is the content:

What is new for Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited;
Welcome to our first newsletter; the best way to keep up with the latest news, events and offers from your favourite laser girls!

What’s new;
Although lock down has been restrictive, there has been a lot going on. I, Amy have completed a Lynton tattoo masterclass course; I have watched what feels like a million webinars and taken part in many zoom calls. I have also completed a Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, Looking after yourself and others during COVID-19 and a COVID-19 infection prevention and control course all of which will ensure when we re-open I will be providing a safe environment for you. I have had a new electric chair delivered to the clinic and a new frosted window and I have also launched a YouTube Channel please go ahead and subscribe and tell me what you think!

Lucy has been incredibly busy too, amongst learning how to knit, bake and working at Tescos, Lucy has kept me entertained on TikTok with all of her amazing skin and hair techniques and also fostered a cat called Samba! Rest assured Lucy is eager to return to work and is desperate to see you all!

How things will change after lock down;
Although lock down continues, the end is near! I have had lots of messages from you all asking when I will be re-opening and based on the government advice we hope to re-open around the 08th / 09th July.  Please note that these dates are subject to change if the infection rates rise or if the government advice for business changes. To make sure that people get allocated appointments fairly, appointments will be booked in the following priority order;
– Clients who had appointments cancelled because of lock down
– Clients who requested to go onto our priority list
– New clients booking their first appointment
There will be changes to the way we work, to make sure that we all stay safe. Each treatment will be risk assessed as usual and a pre-screening document will be sent to you ahead of your appointment. In order for your booking to be confirmed, you must sign this form and send it back. I will be releasing my new policy in the next couple of weeks and there will also be a blog about the changes you can expect before, during and after your appointments from now on. You can read all my previous blogs here

How can we continue to help you?
Firstly I would like to say thank you for all of your messages, reviews and continued support during this difficult time. Although we can’t meet up yet, I can still offer you a free online consultation and discuss treatment plans going forward for you. If this is something you would like to take advantage of, please send me an email with your telephone number on and I will call you

Offers for when we re-open:
The Carbon Facial will remain at £65 per session instead of £85 per session. A Carbon Laser Facials are a revolutionary, non-invasive, painless with virtually no-downtime procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging and damaged skin. It gently removes the top layer of skin, leaving an amazing glow with a vibrant, youthful complexion. We will still be offering our courses too. If you book a course of 3 sessions you will get 1 session half price (4 sessions in total) or if you book a course of 6 sessions, you will get 2 sessions free (8 sessions in total).

Top Tip;
Don’t forget to drink more water and if you are having tattoo removal with me and massage the area daily! Good, firm, circular motions.

Something to think about:
A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Have a wonderful month, stay safe and we will see you soon.
Lots of love
Amy xx

P.s The next newsletter you will receive will be to announce the re-opening of my clinic; they will then be quarterly thereafter.

I welcome any feedback you may have around newsletters and what you would like to see from us next x