Permanent makeup has become extremely popular and widely available. The results are often very flattering, but unfortunately on some occasions, due to bad technique, colour choice and trends, there is the need for permanent makeup removal. 

I’m seeing more and more “models” coming through the door, where they are being practiced on by someone who hasn’t been trained properly or even qualified. Everyone watching, the technique being stopped to ask questions, and everyone over crowding the model to look what’s going on! The focus unfortunately isn’t 100% and the outcome is you have eyeliner you are not happy with. 

I also find that because you were a “model” the lack of training and understanding is then excused and that’s not right. Yes we all need models, I had to have models to complete my training and of course everyone has to start somewhere but this is your face we are talking about and unfortunately there is no quick fix for removal. 

Having recently introduced laser eyeliner to our already successful portfolio I thought I would do a blog on some of the most common questions. I want to arm you with all my knowledge so when it comes to making a decision it is the right one for you! 

Is there a place for models?
Absolutely! Like I said previously everyone has to learn and everyone needs to start somewhere however I would still do your research. For beginners training I would recommend this being 1 on 1, group training is great for those that already have experience.We currently remove permanent makeup on brows and SMP which is scalp micro-pigmentation so we are super excited to add laser eyeliner removal to our amazing portfolio. It is also something that isn’t currently being offered in Kent or the South East and we love being ahead of the game. 

What is eyeliner removal? 
The energy from the laser breaks down the tattoo ink in the area into tiny fragments / particles, this is then safely passed out of the body by the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Laser has a bad reputation but this process can be extremely safe and very effective when carried out with proper training and understanding of skin healing.
Migration of eyeliner can also be treated very effectively.  In fact, migration is one of the easiest SPMU problems to resolve with noticeable results even from the first treatment.

What is migration?
It could be one of two things, it could be that the artist has implanted the ink too deep or the artist isn’t working at a 90 degree angle and working off to a slight angle. So, when the ink implants into the skin when it resurfaces, it resurfaces at a different point to where it entered. I hope that makes sense.

Can this be removed?
I have seen migration shift nearly instantly. Migration can happen to anyone, even a very experienced permanent makeup artist but rest assured we can remove this for you.  Please don’t try and cover it up with additional ink. I’ve experienced those that have used camouflaged ink to try and correct / hide it and it just makes our jobs harder.

What areas can you treat? 
Luckily for you we can treat all eyeliner. We can remove both upper and lower lids and winged eyeliner.  The only place we wouldn’t treat is if there is ink in the tear duct.

What is the aftercare like? 
Laser eyeliner removal is a lot faster than most people think.  Most people may incur bruising and swelling which will heal within 7 to 14 days after treatment. You may not suffer with any side effects but should be prepared to manage them just incase. We recommend that after treatment for the first few days you use only water to wash your face and avoid touching the area. We will also recommend to sleep with your head slightly elevated on the day of your treatment to help reduce any potential swelling. If you do swell, you may need to bring a designated driver to drive you home and you must stay active.

The main thing that you can expect is swelling and bruising for a few days afterwards.  The area should be fully healed within a couple of weeks. If you do suffer with bruising just consider the benefits and keep the end goal in mind, it will be worth it!

Will my eyes and eyesight be safe? 
Using laser in the eye area requires protection to the cornea and the only way to achieve this is by using Ocular Shields. These are placed inside the eye to protect your eyesight and believe it or not the ocular shields are surprisingly comfortable once inserted. Have you seen my recent video on social media? Strangely your eye muscles are quite strong and your natural reaction when anyone goes near your eye is to squeeze your eye shut. The main thing to do is relax and look down at your feet when the ocular shields are being inserted. Once in, it just feels cold on the eye. 

Will I need to take my contact lenses out?
Yes, these will need to be removed for the treatment. 

Is it dangerous?
When performed by an experienced practitioner, it is far from dangerous.  Like brow removal the results are often so dramatic and life changing even from the very first treatment. As previously mentioned it does require the correct eye protection (ocular shields), which I will put inside the eye in order to protect the cornea. Removal is actually no more risky than eyeliner tattooing. 

Are there any potential risks?
It is important to understand that with any treatment, (including permanent makeup!), comes with an element of potential risk. The risks and side effects of laser treatment may include skin irritation, pigmentation changes, corneal abrasion, scarring, swelling and incomplete tattoo removal results however there are ways to mitigate against these risks which are discussed in your consultation. 

How many treatments will you need?
Like any treatment every case is different and it depends on how much ink we need to remove.  It will also depend on the age of the eyeliner, and the concentration of ink in the area. It varies from person to person however a number of sessions may be needed. Typically we would say 1-4 sessions maybe needed, however you will be able to see visible results from your first session.

How many weeks apart can the treatment be done?
We recommend every 8 weeks

Is it painful?
Laser tattoo removal is a painful process and although we take a lot of care to minimise discomfort, there is no getting away from the reality that it’s an uncomfortable process. The only good thing about the treatment is it’s super quick and the results at the end will be worth it. 

Can I put makeup on afterwards? 
You can use make up or concealer to cover any issues but I would leave them free (of anything) for a couple of days after treatment.

If I’m unhappy with my permanent makeup can another artist go over it instead of having laser? 
There are definitely situations where some artists will go over someone else’s work however from my experience only the best artists will advise removal in order to get you the best outcome. 

It’s a tough world out there… if you want a certain style, a certain thickness, a certain colour… 1 – do thorough research beforehand, look at before and afters, look at reviews. 2 – trust your artist! If your artist is saying no because they don’t feel it’s suitable for you, trust them! Remember, you are going to this appointment for a permanent, happy result. 

Why do some people offer the treatment so cheaply?
I think with any treatment it’s all about time. You want someone who takes their time, nurtures the area, you want it to be an experience and for the treatment to not be rushed. When doing consultations I always ask about the experience they had and the most common answer is “ I was in and out so quickly” “they had other people waiting” “it was like a conveyor belt” “I was in and out within an hour” all of these are red flags to me. Artists offering this treatment cheap means they cannot afford to allocate much time to the treatment so it’s rushed. A rushed result is unhappy one. 

Can the ink oxidise? 
More often than not it’s just black ink so very straight forward.

Can you loose your lashes? 
You will not loose your lashes.

Change colour in lashes? 
We work along the lash line so we don’t tend to touch the lashes. If it does blanch the hair, it’s only temporary so please do not worry. 

Can I wear fake lashes to my treatment?
Absolutely not, lashes must be removed before your treatment.

What’s the consultation process? 
Firstly, thank you for reaching out. I know what that means. 
Let’s get you booked in for a consultation (this will be around 30-45 minutes). During the consultation we will discuss the process, talk about pre / post aftercare, possible side effects and answer any questions you may have. We will take a look at your medical and lifestyle history and any medications you may be taking to make sure there are no contraindications and no reasons as to why the treatment won’t be successful for you.

If at that point you would like to go ahead, we will then do a patch test on the area. The reason why we do a patch test is to make sure we get the desired end points and you respond as you should. If all ok, we will then get you booked in one week later to complete the full treatment. If after the consultation you want to go away and think about it that’s absolutely fine too. 

The main thing to know is that we are the “fixers” so if you have eyeliner (or any permanent makeup) that you are unhappy with we can help.

To introduce this treatment to my portfolio, the first 10 people to book will get the treatment for £250 per session. After this, the price will be £350 per session.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from you soon x