Are you in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions and then not keeping them?  I know I am, we set goals to lose weight, go to the gym and eat healthy, but it is so easy to let the big ideas fall by the wayside as expectant January turns in to cold February and a can’t be bothered March!

For me, going to the gym isn’t going to be one of my resolutions as I would be setting myself up to fail, as being a mum, a now Fiance (eeeek) and a business owner I honestly just don’t have the time. The idea sounds amazing, but reality takes over and I know for me it would be a waste of money.

With this in mind one resolution that I am going to keep, is making sure that I include more “self-care” in my daily life in 2019, it’s not going to be an option, and it’s going to be a priority. Even those of us who have busy lives, a family, and responsibilities there are things that you can in your daily routine that will help with self-care.

A more relaxed and contented me, will ensure I’m good and happy me, and that will be reflected in all areas of my life. Of course, we believe that skincare and spa treatments should be high on your list of things to diarise, just one facial a month even, it will give you something to look forward to, a sessions of me-time where you can focus on your own wants and needs for an hour or so, or for me it’s a chance to lay down and have a lovely little nap haha.

Don’t stop at facials or massages, your well-being is important too, you should also make sure you are up to date with any examinations – Mammograms, mole checks and smear tests (which I am) #dontfearthesmear. Get your teeth checked regularly and make sure your eye tests are up to date.  All of these tests take a few minutes of your time but will spot any potential health problems early enough so you can nip them in the bud. If there is nothing to worry about you get a clean bill of health and a smug feeling that everything is up to date.

Relaxation is key; along with regular spa treatments you could try adding in some Yoga, and this could be done at home or in a class, reading a book (I have just bought a new book and even if it’s a couple of pages a night, it helps me to escape and it also helps me fall into a nicer sleep), taking a bath, although this seems silly, I always put baths off because of time, so I’m going to make sure at least once a month I take a bath…, the idea of a bath always sounds dreamy but in reality I get bored, or I’m  normally joined by my two year old son! This also sounds like I don’t wash haha, I do, I take showers. I am also going to “try” to remember to cleanse and tone my skin at night and also moisturise my body after taking a shower. All things I used to do before having a baby because I had “time” and they have just gone by the way side because some days “I just can’t be bothered”.

Mediation is a good one too, focusing on breathing and being mindful in certain situations, recognising how your body and mind feels and this can be done anywhere. I’ve recently downloaded an app and it helps relax my mind and you’ll be zoning out in no time.

For a feel good, January is Blood Donar month so on the basis of this I have booked an appointment to give blood on the 23rd January. I know afterwards I will feel really good that I have done something that could potentially save a life.

I have also booked into have a colonic irrigation, with Talita at Kent Detox. Have you ever had one? A colonic irrigation, also known as colonic hydrotherapy, it involves cleansing the colon, flushing waste material out of the bowel using water, so my tummy will feel amazing especially after all the Christmas food and drink.

Also if you have any skin concerns (pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, the texture or tone of your skin, vascular veins, skin tags or warts), or are interested in hair removal, or tattoo removal, please take advantage of my free consultations. I would love to meet you all.

I am getting conscience now of the “time” I have spent writing this blog so to summarise my self-care resolutions are:

  • Cleanse and Tone my face
  • Moisturise more
  • Drink more water – even a cup a day is more than what I drink already
  • Joining WW (wellness that works on Tuesday) to keep a focus on my eating and well-being
  • Give Blood
  • Booked a colonic irrigation with Kent Detox
  • Booked a facial and massage with Nikki at Dreamz Hair and Beauty
  • Take the first Wednesday a month out to, reflect and plan my month
  • Booked a hair appointment with Leah at Dreamz Hair and Beauty
  • Attempting Dry January
  • Weekly walks (we bought Archie a bike for Christmas so this will help)
  • To shut off from social media after 7pm to ensure my focus is on my family
  • 30 day abs challenge as this can be done at home
  • A few squats when the kettle is boiling

What have you set yourself for 2019? Is there anything that I could add or include?

Try all of these ideas for a happier, healthier and more relaxed YOU in 2019. Happy New Year x